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Why do I need to clean the funnel after every 4 bottles?

It is extremely important to clean the funnel after every 4 bottles made, this will keep your Formula Pro Advanced dispensing accurately. Formula gathers inside the funnel and if not cleaned will become stuck, making it impossible for the machine to accurately dispense the correct amount of formula.  


The machine will let you know on the display when this is needed, see instructions below.


1. Remove funnel and funnel cover by pulling out and down. PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to remove the powder container on the powder container parts. 


2. Wash funnel and funnel cover with hot soapy water and rinse well. Air dry completely before re-assembling. To allow you to continue using your Formula Pro Advanced whilst these are drying we recommend purchasing an extra Funnel Set here.

3. Wipe the powder-dispensing hole on the underside of the powder container and remove any spilled powder or milk on the machine using a dry paper towel or soft dry clean cloth. 

By not cleaning the funnel and funnel cover after every 4 bottles you will allow formula to become stuck to the inside of the funnel making it more difficult for the correct amount of formula to be dispensed when making a bottle.  


It is also important to ensure you are descaling your machine on a monthly basis. For more information and a handy video showing you how to click here.

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