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How to descale your Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer

It's very important to descale this appliance every 4 weeks or as required (however if you live in a hard water area you may need to do this more often). Descaling ensures that the machine continues to work properly. 

Pour any remaining water out of the water chamber.   

Mix 2oz (60ml) of white vinegar with 4oz (120ml) of cold water into the water chamber. 

Run one heating cycle on setting 5 until any scaling has been removed.  Please ensure proper ventilation when using vinegar.


You can use either the steady warm or quick warm option for descaling your machine. The steady warm allows more time for the vinegar/descaler to take effect and there isn’t any boiling occurring. So this is a slow and steady clean. 

The quick warm can be used as it’s really good at removing the buildup, however when using vinegar, ensure there is adequate ventilation! 

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