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Why doesn't Formula Pro Advanced heat the water to 70⁰C ?

Baby Brezza is aware of the controversy surrounding the preparation of powdered infant formula milk (IFM).


The NHS, recommend the use of bottled water or boiled water cooled down to 70°C to prepare IFM.

  • Why? Formula powder isn’t sterile and there is concern that bacteria in the formula powder could contaminate the milk after preparation and cause illness.


Other countries e.g. USA/ France, take a different view and recommend that IFM is prepared with bottled water or cooled, boiled water.

  • Why? Heat treatments reduce the nutritional value of the IFM. The baby’s nutrition is more important than a heat treatment which is probably ineffective against bacteria when starting with 70°C water.


All countries agree that good hygiene is essential in the preparation of IFM and that if stored, the IFM is immediately refrigerated until use.


While the experts can’t agree on the above, and considering all the arguments, the Baby Brezza team set out to design a product that would prepare a bottle of milk that is 

  • Of perfect nutritional value for the child (so no heat treatment, and the perfect ratio of powder to liquid EVERY time)
  • Fresh, with no need for storage – eliminating the risk of bacterial growth post preparation (so had to be quick and easy to prepare a bottle, even when soothing a hungry baby)
  • Prepared under good hygiene practices (powder and milk kept apart until the moment they are mixed, easy to clean, and reduced risk of hand contamination of the powder)


The result is the Formula Pro. Not all organisations agree with its use, but we believe that when used properly, and cleaned regularly it is an invaluable tool for parents and carers. Globally more than one million parents and carers already agree with us.


While the design team have made cleaning easy, it remains the responsibility of the parent/ carer to clean the Formula Pro properly and use good hygiene practices. As with any baby product, not following the instructions fully could risk infection. Full instructions can be found here, but in summary, cleaning involves.


  • Always using cooled, boiled water in the machine
  • Changing the water in the tank daily
  • Cleaning the funnel, funnel cover and wiping the dispensing hole after every 4th bottle
  • Completing a thorough clean including descaling once per month
  • Ensuring all the parts are thoroughly dry before use
  • Without touching the powder, pouring the entire contents of the powder tin into the dry powder container, and always keeping the lid on


All information ( including heating temperatures) regarding the Formula Pro Advanced is transparent and freely available on both the Cheeky Rascals and Baby Brezza websites as well as in the user manual, which should always be read properly before using the machine.




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