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Formula Pro Advanced vs Hand Scooping

We wanted you to know that the FPA is more accurate, consistent and hygienic than hand scooping formula. Here’s why:

  • The FPA assigns a specific formula setting for every brand/type of formula to ensure the machine dispenses the formula to water ratio specified on the formula tin (or the specific amount of formula based on weight required for 60ml for water) 
  • When you hand scoop formula, there’s a lot of room for error which can inadvertently lead to using too much or too little formula when making a bottle. Here are reasons why:
    • When you scoop formula, every scoop of formula is not perfectly level nor contains the same amount of formula. One scoop might have a little too much formula, another one might have too little and you might spill some formula when adding to the bottle 
    • A scoop of formula is an approximation of the specific amount of formula based on weight per 60 ml of water since it’s measured out by volume 
    • A scoop of formula can weigh a different amount depending on the density of formula being scooped. For example, formula from the top of a newly opened tin will be fluffier/less dense and weigh less than formula from the bottom that is more compacted/denser 
  • The markings on your bottle may not be accurate which can affect the amount of formula you’re adding to 60 ml of water

Since the FPA uses a specific setting, the machine dispenses the same amount of formula every time. 

NOTE: since formula can have different densities or weights, the FPA does allow a 1g tolerance higher than the gram weight per 60ml of water specified on the formula tin. 

The FPA is also more hygienic since the formula is stored in an airtight formula canister. When you hand scoop, you can risk transferring germs to the powder when you put your hands in the tin looking for the scoop or scooping the powder.

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