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My Bottle Washer has an Error code - what do I do?

All troubleshooting should begin with unplugging the machine and allowing 15 minutes to pass. Please see a breakdown of the error codes below. 


  • E1: If you receive this error, please unplug the machine and allow 15 minutes for the machine to remain unplugged. You can then plug in your machine and reattempt. If the issue persists, please contact us.  
  • E4: This error means that there was an issue with the detection of the magnet with the reed switch. To troubleshoot this error, please make sure that your machine is descaled and clean. Make sure that the the waste water tank is empty, and the clean water tank is filled slightly above the fill line and restart your machine. If you receive any other error, please follow the recommendation for the error received.  If the issue persists, please contact us. 
  • E5: This error means that there is water remaining in the sump. To troubleshoot this error, you need to empty all the water in the sump. You can do this by holding down the wash mode & sterilize/dry button for approximately 7 seconds. This will activate the discharge pump and remove any water from the waste tank. 
  • E8: If you receive this error, please unplug the machine and leave for about 15 minutes. Upon turning the machine back on this should clear the message.
  • H2o: This error can mean two things. 
    • 1: Not enough water is available to complete the sterilisation cycle. You can add more water to the clean water tank and restart the sterilisation cycle. 
    • 2: There is mineral build up on the heating plate and it needs to be descaled to remove any buildup.

Any other error codes on your Bottle Washer, please contact us.

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