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How does the Qudo Soother help my baby?

The Qudo Soother helps through applying gentle pressure on a baby’s upper palate to relieve discomfort. As a baby uses the soother, it: 

  • Helps relieve strains and tensions in a baby’s cranium – reducing discomfort and therefore crying and soothing your baby.
  • Helps relax tensions and settles the nervous system. It is much more satisfying than a traditional dummy and stays in place. Sucking helps ease the pressure or strain patterns formed within the bone and soft tissue structures, for example the head. 
  • Stimulates more active movement within a baby’s mouth, freeing up their tongue muscles and helping strengthen and coordinate a stronger, more effective suck and response.
  • Increases the sucking reflex which helps stimulate the production of oxytocin – both a natural produced source of pain relief and reduces fight/flight hormones – resulting in a more relaxed infant.

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