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What are the detergent tablets made from?

The detergent tablets for your Bottle Washer Pro machine are made from:


  • 38% Citric Acid Anhydrous

Found naturally in citrus fruit such as lemons and limes and is a weak acid used as a disinfectant and a natural preservative for the tablets.

  • 25% Sodium Bicarbonate

Commonly known as baking soda. It is often used in cleaning for its ability to neutralize odors.

  • 17% Sodium Percarbonate

All-purpose oxidizer. It has the ability to decompose in water without having any kind of impact on the environment from the point of view of pollution. With its whitening, sanitizing and stain removing, disinfecting, antifungal and antibacterial properties, it makes an eco-friendly alternative to household detergents.

  • 10% Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate

A mild detergent to break down proteins in milk residue, cleaning bottles more effectively.

  • 4% Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose

A stabilizer for the tablets. It is a commonly used food additive which improves the shelf life, look, and texture of several foods.

  • 4% PEG-6000

A binder and anti-caking agent for the tablets

  • 1% Protease

An enzyme used to break down proteins in milk residue and clean bottles more thoroughly.

  • 5% Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid Disodium Salt

An agent that's used to reduce the reactivity of metal ions. It's also used to treat calcium overload.

  • 5% Sodium Benzonate

A mild preservative used to prevent the tablets from molding. It's added to a wide variety of foods, including mayonnaise, margarine, carbonated drinks, jams and jellies, sauces, and tomato paste.

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