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What keeps odour inside the Korbell Nappy Bin?

Korbell has a unique three-part approach to odour control, starting with the sealed, OdourKeeper™ trap door. The spring-loaded trap door allows the nappy through and then immediately and automatically shuts to keep odour from escaping. The top lid also acts as a secondary seal for double protection against odour. The strong, powder-scented continuous refill is the third line of defence and helps keep the odour INSIDE the nappy bin. 

Other plastic nappy bins are made from a plastic known as polypropylene which is an open-cell plastic which over time will absorb odours. Korbell Nappy Bins are made of ABS plastic, which is a strong and durable closed-cell plastic that does not absorb odour, scratch, dent, rust, or turn yellow over time.

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