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When/where should I start baby proofing?

Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time! Take a look here for more.

Ideally, you need to baby proof your home before your little one starts crawling or walking, because once they start moving, the won’t stop!  Very quickly you will begin to realise how dangerous your home is.  We recommend you start babyproofing at around 6 months, so you are ready in time for your baby to start crawling.


It can be daunting to look at your whole house to try and work out what you need to baby proof, so we recommend working your way through your house room by room.


Get down to your toddlers level by crawling around on your hands and knees (really!) so that you can identify the dangers and them make a list of everything you need to more or safeguard in that room.

There are some great starter kits available on our website.

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